Customised Hearing Protection

Customised Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud and excessive noise is the highest cause of hearing loss in Australia. 

You would be use to seeing the soft foam ear plugs found at your local chemist which are used for general use. However for more specific situations hearing protection can be customised to fit a variety of shapes, sizes and noise protection ratings.

At Glynis McPherson Hearing Clinic we cater to your ears and eliminate particular parts of the frequency spectrum of sound depending on your needs.

Swimmers to can get custom earplugs designed to protect your ears from water during water sports and activities. If you are prone to ear infections/irritation, have a perforated eardrum or have grommets inserted then protecting your ears from water is vital and custom made earplugs can give you superior protection while being comfortable and secure in your ears.

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My experience with all the staff at Glynis McPherson Hearing over the last two years has been, what I would describe as outstanding. They have all gone above and beyond what most people would expect to ensure I was happy with my hearing aids. It's nice when you walk into their office and you are treated like an old friend. Nothing was a problem at any time. I was always able to get an appointment when it suited me and my schedule. I have, and will continue to refer people to Glynis and her team. I won't be going anywhere else for my hearing needs.


Its a hard thing to accept when you find your hearing isn't what it used to be but I found the understanding and service given at Glynis McPherson Hearing Clinic was beyond reproach. They were kind, caring and extremely efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hearing needs.


I can’t recommend Glynis and her team enough!! I was very nervous and apprehensive about getting my hearing tested and what the outcome would be knowing myself just how bad i had let my hearing get. Glynis was so easy to talk to and made the whole transition into needing hearing aids super easy. My life has improved more than I could ever imagine finally being able to hear the world clearly again. Thank you so much xx


Glynis has always been wonderful to my family when going for hearing related issues. I would definitely recommend her clinic.


We really appreciated the very friendly, informative, professional and personalised attention that we experienced at your Clinic. Thank you.

Diane & Fred