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Your Local HearingUP Approved Provider

Glynis McPherson Hearing clinic is proud to be your local HearingUp Provider, located in the Hunter Region, NSW.

Only about 20% of hearing providers follow best practices in Audiology. Choosing a HearingUp Approved Provider ensures that you will receive hearing care that includes Best Practices - leading to you hearing your best, in situations with people that matter the most.

At Glynis McPherson Hearing Clinic, their audiology team know that your lifestyle and your hearing needs are personal and individual to you, so you deserve an individual service. They are a family owned, independent practice where their clinicians are driven by client outcomes and satisfaction. They have no brand or manufacturer tie-ins, which means they can offer the highest quality in hearing aid solutions from a range of providers, that are the right match for your needs.

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GMHC is a Dr. Cliff approved network provider following strict protocols and guidelines to ensure most successful outcomes posisble.


What are Best Practices...
and why do they matter?

Don't compromise when it comes to your hearing care treatment. HearingUp, the new home of Dr. Cliff AuD's Best Practice Pro Network, is where you will get connected to top-notch local care from experienced hearing professionals. All providers in the NEW HearingUp Network have been verified by Dr. Cliff Olson and are committed to following Best Practices.

Comprehensive Hearing Care at GMHC:
Aligned with HearingUp Best Practices

At GMHC, we offer a wide range of hearing services designed to meet the needs of both adults and children. Some of our services include comprehensive hearing assessments, tinnitus management and hearing aid fittings. We are committed to delivering personalised hearing solutions that enhance our patients' quality of life.

Our dedication to excellence is further strengthened by our alignment with the HearingUp provider network. HearingUp ensures that all its providers adhere to Dr. Cliff Olson’s Best Practice Pro Network, which guarantees top-tier hearing care through rigorous standards and ongoing professional development. By following these best practices, we ensure that our patients receive the most accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and superior hearing aid fittings, leading to improved hearing outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Adult Hearing Checks

Hearing is an important part of everyday life. It is recommended to have a yearly check of your hearing whether you are 25 or 125 years old.

Children's Hearing

Based on their age, we have a range of tests that can be used to check their hearing capabilities.

Pensioners & Veterans

We are fully accredited with the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services. This means eligible aged pensioners and DVA clients can receive our services free of charge.

Industrial Deafness

If you have worked in noise and feel that it may have affected your hearing you may be eligible to make a claim.


Do you have ringing or buzzing in your ears? Consult our clinicians to have your hearing assessed to customise a tinnitus management strategy.

Hearing Aid Assessments, Fittings and Rehabilitation

Make sure your hearing aids are adjusted properly and working optimally.

Customised Hearing Protection

Are you a member in a heavy metal band? Going to a music festival this weekend? Do you take part in air travel, swimming, work in an industrial workplace?


Microsuction is a simple and safe way to remove ear wax build up and clear blockages in the ear canal.

Pre-Employment Hearing Tests

Many employers may request new staff to have their hearing checked before employment begins. These assessments are be tailored to suit the business needs.

Patient Testimonials

Called in today to make appointment for wax removal - Bianca was able to see me straight away - she explained the process and was very caring and confident in her treatment - problem solved - my wife and son had been previously so now 3 happy family members have attended - would highly recommend for this service - the fee is somewhat less than others as well. Thank you.


Lovely & helpful staff. Was able to get a booking faster than expected. Appreciate the relief!


My experience with all the staff at Glynis McPherson Hearing over the last two years has been, what I would describe as outstanding. They have all gone above and beyond what most people would expect to ensure I was happy with my hearing aids. It's nice when you walk into their office and you are treated like an old friend. Nothing was a problem at any time. I was always able to get an appointment when it suited me and my schedule. I have, and will continue to refer people to Glynis and her team. I won't be going anywhere else for my hearing needs.


Its a hard thing to accept when you find your hearing isn't what it used to be but I found the understanding and service given at Glynis McPherson Hearing Clinic was beyond reproach. They were kind, caring and extremely efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hearing needs.


I can’t recommend Glynis and her team enough!! I was very nervous and apprehensive about getting my hearing tested and what the outcome would be knowing myself just how bad i had let my hearing get. Glynis was so easy to talk to and made the whole transition into needing hearing aids super easy. My life has improved more than I could ever imagine finally being able to hear the world clearly again. Thank you so much xx


Glynis has always been wonderful to my family when going for hearing related issues. I would definitely recommend her clinic.


We really appreciated the very friendly, informative, professional and personalised attention that we experienced at your Clinic. Thank you.

Diane & Fred

After 40 Years This Is The Best Advise And Service I Have Had.

I have had a lot of disapointments with my hearing untill I went to McPherson hearing and come away compleatly satisfied. Thanks


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Glynis McPherson Hearing Clinic is a locally owned and independent clinic. Our audiometrists specialise in hearing tests, hearing aids and pre-employment hearing tests. Contact us today to begin customising your hearing care plan.

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Visiting Sites

Anna Bay Clinic

1/127 Gan Gan Rd,
Anna Bay NSW 2316


Jewells Pathology Rooms

Ntaba Rd,
Jewells NSW 2280
(Located across from Jewells Medical Centre, in the Laverty Pathology rooms)

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